Why is data so important in maritime?

SEATRADE MARITIME | Why is data so important in the maritime and shipping industry today?

In all industries there is a need to make faster, more accurate decisions in order to gain a competitive edge, and data and the underlying decision-support technologies are key to this.

In the context of maritime and shipping, we see increasing consumer demands resulting in greater pressure on supply chain stakeholders. In order to optimize supply chains and adapt to these new demands, decision-makers need to be able to access reliable data in real time and apply that information in a practical way (these topics are discussed in our white paper about data management and digital transformation).

Furthermore, data volumes and frequencies are only growing. This creates opportunities, but also challenges in terms of how to extract high value. When data is managed and applied in the right way, it can also drive other benefits for the industry, such as helping to improve sustainability, safety, logistics efficiencies and supply chain transparency.

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