Wakashio scuttled off Mauritius as cleanup continues

THE MARITIME EXECUTIVE | Images were released showing the end of the forward section of the grounded bulker Wakashio. With the scuttling now completed efforts are focusing on the remaining stern section with the accommodations block and bridge as well as the ongoing cleanup efforts.

According to a statement from the salvage team, the scuttling was competed on August 24, with the forward section plunging below the waves at around 3:30 p.m. local time. The forward section had been towed to the selected position late last week but the operation had been slowed both by rough seas and the efforts required to sink the ship. The salvage crew went aboard to cut holes through the Wakashio's bulkheads to hasten the demise of the vessel. The crew was also seen spraying water into the open holds of the ship.

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