This technology from Egypt keeps your solar panels cool – even in the scorching desert heat

ENERGY TREND | As the scorching summer heat burns away the last traces of spring, words like air conditioning and vacation spots to beat the heat have once again topped the most searched keywords list. But humans aren’t the only ones that need to escape the heat. Excess heat can hamper the performance of solar panels, making them less effective at generating electricity. In light of this, a group of researchers from Egypt have recently come up with a water cooling system for solar panels.

Solar panels are now enjoying increasing popularity in various regions thanks to constant improvements in technology and cost. In particular, the EMEA solar market has been growing at breakneck speed in recent years. Thanks to advantages both natural and commercial, such as abundant sunlight and ample room for market growth, photovoltaic companies are charting new waters in the proverbial blue ocean that is EMEA.

To see the full video, click here.

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