The mining industry heat map

WORLD BANK GROUP | Reviews mining companies’ climate priority areas, focusing on the value chains of four mineral subsectors—precious metals (gold), ferrous metals (iron ore), base metals (copper), and construction minerals (aggregate/cement)—and provides an overview of companies’ activities in these areas, offering insights into companies’ strategies and the potential of those strategies to contribute to green growth. Each industry subsector has corresponding specific value chains requiring individual assessment to capture the unique activities in the subsector’s end-to-end life cycle and the exposure or contribution of these activities to climate change, including (1) mine design, planning, and development; (2) extraction operations; (3) materials handling and equipment; (4) processing; and (5) water risk and consumption. An analysis of the priority areas requires an understanding of how mine planning and design choices affect other parts of the value chain, how water plays a role throughout an operation, and how economic indicators illustrate the significance of each specific value chain segment.

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