Project to deepen Mississippi river improves access for large ships

THE MARITIME EXECUTIVE | An agreement has been reached to begin work on deepening the Mississippi River stretching from the mouth of the river at the Gulf of Mexico north to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The project will deepen the lower portion of the Mississippi River from 45 feet to 50 feet, and provide critical deep-draft access to the ports at Plaquemines, New Orleans, South Louisiana, and Baton Rouge.


“This is a great day for the people of Louisiana who depend on the Mississippi River for their livelihood,” said John Bel Edwards, Governor of the state of Louisiana. “When completed, this project will allow larger vessels that can currently use the widened Panama Canal to reach Louisiana ports as far north as Baton Rouge. It will also allow for some vessels to carry heavier loads. Nationwide, industries that depend on this Mississippi River to move goods will benefit greatly from this dredging project.”

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