Nissan & E.ON partner on large UK vehicle-to-grid project

CLEAN TECHNICA | Nissan has been partnering with a variety of players for years on vehicle-to-grid pilot projects. I’m not sure what exactly is “pilot” about them at this point, except perhaps that the partners are new and they want to see how things work for themselves. There are also a variety of different ways that you can use the vehicle-to-grid (V2G) connection, but they mostly involve EVs taking electricity when its in low demand (charging at those times) and sending it back to the grid at times of high electricity demand (if plugged in).

Let’s dive into a new partnership between Nissan, E.ON, Newcastle University, Imperial College London, Northern Powergrid, UK Power Networks, and National Grid ESO — with Nissan and E.ON forming the core of the partnership. The consortium is named e4Future. (Interestingly, Nissan and E.ON partnered a couple of years ago on a V2G project in Denmark.)

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