Nanotech Energy claims its graphene lithium battery will charge 18 times faster than conventional Li

CLEAN TECHNICA | Investors have just pumped $27.5 million into Los Angeles-based Nanotech Energy. Why? Because the company claims its graphene based lithium batteries can charge 18 times faster than conventional lithium-ion batteries. One of the factors holding back the EV revolution is the perception that electric cars take forever to recharge. People refuse to buy them if they take longer to charge than it takes to fill a gas tank. Who cares about climate change? If it’s less convenient, people want nothing to do with it.

But if what Nanotech Energy says is true, it may soon be possible to recharge an EV in less time than it takes to fill up at the Gas N Go. That could really light a fire under the switch to electric transportation, which would be a very good thing indeed.

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