Lowering atmospheric CO2 in large-scale renewable energy electrochemical process

TECHXPLORE | What if carbon dioxide (CO2), a prevalent greenhouse gas, could be transformed into higher-value fuels and chemicals using low-cost, renewable electricity?

Researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have been focusing on improving electrochemical routes to convert CO2, which would otherwise be released into the atmosphere, into a range of value-added products. Previously, limitations in energy efficiency, scalability, product selectivity, and production rate (the rate at which electrons transfer, measured in the form of current density for electrochemical devices) have prevented widespread adoption of these devices to reduce CO2 either from manufacturing emissions or from capture directly from the atmosphere. However, recent results from NREL show enhanced process performance that enables the scale-up of an electrochemical process to reduce CO2 that has not been possible until now.

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