Logistics industry focus: Rethinking the global supply chain

BUSINESS FACILITIES | During the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States has experienced shortages of medicine and critical medical equipment due to the disruption of raw materials and production facilities in India and China.

Supply chains closer to home also have experienced disruptions: in April, hog farmers in North Carolina had no place to ship their animals because the U.S. food processing supply chain was sputtering, due to the closure of meatpacking plants that became hot zones in the heartland of America. As the pigs piled up in their pens and bacon began to disappear from supermarket shelves, President Trump invoked the rarely used Defense Production Act to order the nation’s meatpacking plants to stay open. At least 17 major U.S. meatpacking facilities for food giants like Tyson, Smithfield and Cargill had been closed in the face of an onslaught of COVID-19 cases.

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