IRENA drives UN Climate Action Pathway on Energy

IRENA | 2020 was meant to be the “year of climate action,” with more ambitious national climate plans due under the Paris Agreement. While 2020 has so far brought loss and uncertainty with the COVID-19 pandemic being the most urgent threat today, it cannot be forgotten that climate change remains the biggest long-term threat to humanity and the planet. As the lead of the energy group within the UNFCCC’s multi-stakeholder climate action effort, IRENA worked on the development of Climate Action Pathway for Energy, placing energy transitions as a critical solution for a post-COVID-19 green recovery and decarbonisation of the sector by mid-century.

To better connect the work of governments with the collaborative actions taken by cities, regions, businesses and investors, nations decided to appoint two High-level Champions representing the current and incoming COP Presidencies. Initiated by the champions during COP25, Climate Action Pathways outline the longer-term vision for a 1.5°C climate-resilient world and set out actions needed to achieve it. Non-party actors including IRENA have shared their views and insights on short-, medium- and long-term action plans to reach the 1.5°C climate objective, covering different sectors of the global economy including energy.

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