Indonesia remains focused on becoming world top ranking geothermal country

THINK GEOENERGY | The government continues to explore geothermal potential to be used as a source of electrical energy. This effort was made to boost the mix of New and Renewable Energy (EBT) and at the same time contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Geothermal Director of the Directorate General of EBKTE at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Ida Nuryatin Finahari revealed that the geothermal potential contained in Indonesia is very abundant. Until now, there has been 2,130.7 MW of installed power generation capacity from 16 Geothermal Power Plants (PLTP).

Data for the second quarter of 2020 shows that electricity production from geothermal has reached 9,078 Gigawatt hour (GWh). This achievement has made Indonesia the second country with the largest geothermal utilization in the world.

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