How to remote-control docking projects during the pandemic

THE MARITIME EXECUTIVE | The COVID-19 pandemic makes travelling impossible for the moment. Postponement of planned dockings may be possible in some cases, but sooner or later one will run into hard, rule-based deadlines. (Here are overviews of the current policies from flag- and port-states as well as classification societies.)

Will it be at all possible to run remote docking management without physical attendance from the superintendent? Can the officers onboard be trusted with the task? What about finding some local consultant who can take care of business? Is it better to dock now in any case, rather than waiting for the end of the restrictions when yards will be overrun? Can we manage the risks if we dock without attendance from our own people and specialists? These, and other similar questions are spinning around shipping offices at the moment. One thing is clear, somebody has to be nominated to represent the owner if it is decided to go ahead with the docking.

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