How coronavirus stalled climate change momentum

FINANCIAL TIMES šŸ”’| Emissions have fallen but the pandemic will hit policy commitments as nations look to kick-start their economies

All over the world,Ā pollution levels are dropping fast. The lockdowns triggered by theĀ pandemic, with about 2.6bn people living under restrictions, are starting to have an impact not only on the virus but also on theĀ planet ā€” even if the effect is only temporary and comes at a hugeĀ social and human cost.Ā  As airlines ground their fleets, car travel grinds to a halt and industriesĀ shut down, emissions from transportation and power have plummeted. In the US, emissions of carbon dioxide are forecast to drop 7.5 per cent this year, according to a recentĀ government estimate.Ā In the EU, daily emissions haveĀ fallenĀ 58 per cent compared to pre-crisis levels, according toĀ the French consultancyĀ Sia Partners.

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