Fuel cell integration with grid using voltage source converter and its control

INDERSCIENCE | Due to increased burden on the grid, voltage and frequency control becomes very difficult. Moreover, nonlinear domestic appliances are also contributing towards power quality problems related with voltage and current. To share the burden of grid and for increasing the power quality at the end users authors have proposed new topology comprising fuel cell along with voltage source converter (VSC) used as distribution static compensator (DSTATCOM) connected in shunt at point of common coupling of load and source. To control the VSC, forward backward least mean square (FBLMS) algorithm is used. In this algorithm, error between desired and estimated signal is calculated in both forward and backward directions. The average error is calculated based on forward path error. Further, the active weight components and the reactive weight components are used to calculate reference source current for gate pulse generation. The complete system is simulated and validated in the laboratory environment with one prototype, the results are satisfactory.

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