A framework for low-carbon technology transfer

WORLD BANK GROUP | Provides a conceptual framework for understanding the development and diffusion of low-carbon technologies (LCTs), with a focus on the growing importance of technology transfer in the global South, by (1) putting the dynamic process of technological change in historical perspective, highlighting how the diffusion of technologies has occurred over many centuries and now enters a new critical phase of low-carbon transformation; (2) placing the challenge of low-carbon technological innovation and diffusion in the context of energy transitions, discussing the distinctive features of LCTs, relative to their carbon-intensive alternatives; (3) describing the legal basis of LCT under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and reviewing key findings from the academic literature on the avenues and determinants of LCT transfer and on sources of finance; and (4) providing suggestions on how policy makers can help accelerate the next critical phase of LCT innovation, transfer, and development.

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